At Future Roofs, we are passionate about green technology. Green roofs offer a rare opportunity to improve building efficiency and aesthetics, both commercially and domestically.

Why have a green roof?
We have seen changes in building technology as a result of climate change, solar panels, water harvesting, green building materials etc. However, no other green building technology offers as many benefits and opportunities as Green roofing.
Green roofs offer a rare opportunity to improve building efficiency and aesthetics. This is because they help the environment by improving insulation, enhancing biodiversity, reducing water runoff, and looking beautiful. It had also been shown to increase the life expectancy of the waterproofing layer that is needed under all green roofs.

What is a green roof?
A green roof is any roof that has substrate and vegetation growing over a waterproof layer. Green roofs can be found in many different sizes and shapes. Commonly green roofs are extensive which means they have a thin lightweight layer of soil covered by hardy drought resistant plants such as sedum.

What is sedum?
Sedum are a large genus of flowering plants commonly known as Stonecrop. The varieties of these used in green roofs are generally tolerant of extremes in temperature, drought resistant and mat forming. Our sister company Yorkshire Sedum Ltd grows a selection of sedum plugs and modules that are suitable for use on green roofs.

We are an environmentally aware roofing company which is happy to offer a one-stop shop for all aspects of your green roof.

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